Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting to South America

If so, the intention, or just curious about travel in South America, I promise it will be an excellent place to begin your search for knowledge. Let me say that there is much to see and a destination for your needs can be a real challenge. My first two articles here, we hope, to help narrow your search.

First, many of them are not aware of the size of the earth. The continent is huge and takes time to travel long distances, since it not to go there. It is completely isolated from the rest of world surrounded by the ocean vast body of both parties and to Antarctica and a narrow strip of land in Panama, the street is a stranger.

Directions can be an adventure in itself. As already mentioned, in South America is connected by land to Panama and there are no roads. The almost 48,000 miles of highway Panamericana (Pan) extends from Alaska to Chile until the end here is a break for a few hundred kilometers.

The area between the two as Darien, one of the most dangerous in the world became known. Although of great natural beauty, is for drug trafficking and other criminal activities known. If you're planning a car on the injury, which can transport be sent. The bikes are very simple and can be transported by boat or plane.

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